THE VENUSIAN CHRONICLES is written along the lines of "Arrival," "The Shape of Water," and “Contact,” but with an overarching climate theme that what happened on Venus – runaway warming destroying any life that may have existed there – could happen on Earth. New (fictional) science in CHRONICLES has runaway on Venus at 6 million instead of 3 billion years ago, the Venusian industrialized lifestyle having tipped it into runaway 1 million years before it would have happened naturally. 

CHRONICLES is about Dr. Ishi Banesa (40s), a meek Latino-looking linguist at Taos University in New Mexico with distinctive “ancestral markings.” His ancestors came from Venus and he and his grandmother Yaris are the only remaining Venusians.  Ishi’s life mission is use the Venusians’ experience of destroying their planet as a way to help save Earth.  He is also advisor to TU’s Environmental Club, lives in an “Earthship” home, and has an EV.  Ishi has two friends, Roberto, a campus guard with burn scars, and Julie, his grad assistant, his love interest. Racist Dean Olin assumes Ishi is Amazonian and is eager to fire him. Adding to the problem Ishi dithers about publishing his book about Venusian culture, language, and experiences; it may help Earth avoid great warming harms, but would also out him.

When an ancient spaceship wreck is uncovered on the Moon, Ishi fears his mission will be derailed and he and his grandmother will be harmed. He also feels a need to tell the truth to Julie, who is falling in love with him. The astronauts find books and evidence a smaller space pod may have escaped the spaceship wreck and come to Earth. Scientists try to assure people that “space aliens” could not have survived on Earth, but some fear invasion, including Intelligence head Kurt, who starts a webpage encouraging people to ferret out space aliens. Ben forms a Space Alien Vigilantes (SAV) cell and his friend sharp-shooter Hank suspects his Korean neighbors are space aliens. TU student Kip snaps photos of Ishi talking to Roberto.

Kip and dim-witted Smithy attend a SAV meeting. Smithy shoots an albino man mistaking him for a space alien. Kip with AR-15 pursues... Roberto. Roberto, knowing Ishi’s true identity, confronts Kip and tells him he’s not the one he’s looking for and will never tell.  Kip tells Ben a space alien is in Taos. SAVers and Hank converge on Taos. 

Upon hearing people are attacked as space aliens Ishi blames himself for not outing himself sooner and calls NASA. They are more interested in gaining information about Venusian culture and language from Ishi, but have to inform Kurt, who sends Feds to arrest Ishi. The SAVers surround Ishi’s home. Smithy breaks in the back and starts blasting. Ishi disarms him. A reporter arrives, then police, who round up the SAVers. Hank escapes undetected. Ishi invites the reporter to go on the Environmental Club’s bus trip to DC for PowerShift. The Feds arrive after Ishi leaves then head off in pursuit. Hank also heads to DC. 
Ishi’s interview on the bus is fed to the media. They reach DC to a crowd of reporters, on-lookers, and the Feds, who get word to cease and desist. Kurt has lost jurisdictional authority to NASA in this matter. But Hank has his rifle and scope aimed to kill. Hank shoots, misses, and the police get him.
Ishi says his ancestors enjoined on Venusians that as guests they were not to harm Earth and that perhaps we could all act as thankful guests on this beautiful planet.

While climate scientists say total runaway warming as on Venus won’t happen on Earth for billions of years, partial runaway or hysteresis as during the end-Permian extinction in which most of life was destroyed, could happen again if we fail to adequately mitigate. THE VENUSIAN CHRONICLES makes this point through story, such as on page 107:

JULIE:  I’m with you on saving the world. It’ll work out eventually.

ISHI:  Spot on, Julie. That’s what the good people on Venus said toward the end. But “eventually” never came so it never worked out.

CHRONICLES also has the theme of distractions derailing mitigation efforts as in DON’T LOOK UP. The discovery of the alien spaceship wreck and fear of being invaded serves that purpose. JORGE (20) complains to Ishi about an Environmental Club meeting, “I couldn’t get them off the Moon thing. That’s all they talked about. But Frank said something. Maybe those space people destroyed their own planet and that’s why they headed toward Earth.” Ishi then suggests they incorporate that idea in their rally, dress up like space people and carry signs: “We destroyed our planet, don’t destroy yours” and “The is no PLANet C.” This latter point is made when Ishi nixes a reporter’s idea they could go to Mars when climate change gets really bad: “Well, terraforming Mars is not practicable. Even if it were, most people and species wouldn’t be able to go there. No, we have to save Earth. Failure is not an option,” echoing “Apollo 13.