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Rom-Com Feature


Two college students struggle to overcome family fights about global warming, then try to get married during the worst ever Texas freeze.


With climate change an ever-increasing problem, climate fiction (cli-fi) features are on the rise. Most center on climate disasters and dystopian worlds. How about a cli-fi romantic comedy that gives climate change a more central focus than “The American President,” which used it as a device, but was quite prescient for its time.


In this comedic Romeo and Juliet story set in the Tejano area of tropical South Texas, struggling eco-activist Ellie, guy-shy from father abandonment and eco-despair, plans to help her misanthropic uncle on his whacky off-grid ranch. Jim covers his dreaded obligation to work for his cantankerous uncle’s oil engineering consultancy by being a playful playboy.


When the couple meets at college, Jim bets a friend he can score with Ellie.  Instead, they fall in love only to find out their uncles nurse a long-time hatred that tears them apart.  Should Ellie give up her life goals of saving the earth to help Jim struggle with his uncle? Should Jim shaft his uncle and beloved mom, go with Ellie, and follow his budding dream of getting into alternative energy? Will Ellie’s uncle even accept him, the nephew of his arch-enemy?


What about the grid-collapsing Texas extreme freezes of recent years? Do they give Jim’s uncle ammo that climate change is a hoax? Hint: they do not. When the worst-ever of these throws them into a grid-failure deep-freeze and darkness, the only option for the couple is to hold their wedding at the off-grid ranch, if Ellie’s uncle is willing.


Youth will love this for its focus on climate change and the college setting. As a rom-com it will have wide audience appeal.


As for actor attraction, the young couple would appeal to up and coming actors in their 20s and the crotchety old uncles would appeal to seasoned actors concerned about climate change.

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