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Sci-Fi Feature
Toronto Feedback Female Film Festival - Best Scene


An army woman from the future must travel back in time to stop the American president from unleashing life-annihilating runaway warming or her daughter will be executed.


An Arctic explosion in our near present releases enough methane to send warming into a death spiral. By 2273 the only habitable place is the Arctic and life is dying out there. Time travel has been invented.  The autocratic Imperium orders soldier Stel to go back in time and save pacifist Noah from his accidental death to gain access to the White House. Her mission: she must assassinate President Tomlin to stop him from permitting the drilling that led to the explosion or they will execute her daughter Rache in four days. Complications arise. Someone is out to kill Noah. Stel misses opportunities to meet Tomlin, and authorities are after her.

  • "Best Screenplay," Toronto Feedback Female Film Festival (TOFFFF) (February 2021)
  • "Award Winner," Best Script Award (December 2020)
  • "Best Sci-Fi Screenplay," Los Angeles Film Awards (January 2021)
  • "Best Feature Screenplay," Los Angeles Screenplay Fest (2021)
  • "Finalist," Irvine International Film Festival (2021)
  • "Semi-Finalist," Writing Climate: Pitchfest for Film & TV (2022)
  • "Semi-Finalist," SWN Screenplay Competition (2021)
  • "Quarter-Finalist," WriteMovies Winter Screenwriting Contest (2021)
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