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Action Feature

An anthropologist investigating a murder and strange methane geysers becomes the target of religious fanatics out to trigger runaway warming and destroy the world.

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Methane geyers shoot up in the Arctic exploding an Inuit village. Anthropolgist John fears they are caused by the warming, but Inuits want him to investigate Palehorse Gas operations near the village. While John gives a presentation at a conference, a woman kills a man there. Lisa, John's student, later realizes the killer is Ruth, daughter of an evangelical preacher, and that she was aiming for John. John then discovers Ruth's group, the Palehorse Brethen, are out to accelerate the warming to a point of no return -- the Venus effect -- and they are now out to kill him and Lisa.

  • "Best Action Screenplay," Los Angeles Film Awards (January 2021).
  • "Gold Remi in Action/Adventure," WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival (2021)
  • "Finalist," Hollywood International Diversity Film Festival (2021)
  • "Semi-Finalist," StoryPros Awards Screenplay Contest (2022)
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